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Aluminum Booms & Application Technologies

Providing Proven Technologies for Turf

+ Reducing spraying time by up to 60%

+ Improving chemical coverage and reducing chemical waste

+ Solving multiple conventional spraying challenges

+ Creating application maps for evaluation and verification

+ Providing knowledgeable service support

Aluminum Boom Wings & Steel Center Section


20′ Spray Swath

30′ Swath Swath

20′ or 30′ Multi-Width Aluminum Boom Wings & Steel Center Section

3-Piece Center Section Transport

Toro 5700 & 5800 Models

John Deere HD300 Model

3-Piece Center Section Spray Mode

Affordable Replacement 20′ Aluminum Boom Wings w/ Steel 3-Piece Center Section

4-Piece Center Section Transport

SG XL Sprayer

4-Piece Center Section Spray Mode

16′ Boom Transport Mode

20′ Boom Transport Mode

20′ Boom Spray Mode

16′ or 20′ Aluminum Boom Wings w/ Steel Walk-Through 4-Piece Center Section

Application Technology Options

AgLeader/Trimble Mapping Rate Controllers & GPS

Up to 20 Individually Controlled Boom Sections,
Auto Steer & Auto Boom Height Control

CAPSTAN PinPoint III PWM Spray Technology

Drift Control, Expanded Rate & Speed Ranges,
Turn Compensation Plus Rate Control

WILGER Sprayer Plumbing Components & Tips

ComboRate Nozzle Bodies, Turrets,
ER, SR, MR & DR Drift Control Tips

WILSCOT Spray-Redi Boom Recirculation

Charges Boom with Chemical Before Spraying, Agitates Boom While Waiting for Play, and Cleans Out the Boom to Tank When Finished