Offering the Latest in Application Technology

  • Featherweight multi-length aluminum boom options
    • Standard 18’ boom with 3 nozzle center section
    • 20’ boom with 4 nozzle center section
    • Fold-over outer wings result in combination widths of 18 to 28.3’ and 20 to 30’ boom widths
  • Upgrades with Capstan Sharpshooter PWM Tip Management System
  • Add Wilger components – ComboRate II Integrated Saddles and Nozzle Bodies, Tips, and QuickNut Stainless Steel Tubing

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Featherweight Combo Booms

Lightweight and durable, Featherweight Combo Booms and Center Sections offer sprayer coverage choices.

Spray greens, tees, and fairways at maximum boom widths wherever practical. Then, fold outer wings in to a narrower swath as terrain dictates.

Wider boom spans reduce application time and minimize wheel tracking

Capstan and Wilger technologies offer improved application quality and efficiency, chemical product savings, drift control, and time savings with greater ease of operation.

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Featherweight aluminum turf boom